Kerafill Keratin Daily Conditioner 4 280ml
Kerafill Keratin Daily Conditioner delivers superior conditioning and prismatic shine to the hair after Keratin Treatment, specially formulated with a moisture replenishing system to infuse rich nutrition to every hair shaft, making hair healthy and shiny. Guarantee to provide perfect...
from Rs.8,250
Kerafill Keratin Daily Shampoo 3 280ml
Kerafill Keratin Daily Shampoo is developed exclusively for hair after keratin hair treatment. It’s non sodium chloride formula provides a perfect environment that cleans and repairs processed hair. At the same time, it contains smoothing agents that increase shine. Guarantees...
from Rs.8,250
Kerafill Keratin Treatment 1 Shampoo 280ml
Kerafill Keratin Treatment 1 Shampoo is exclusively developed for hair before Keratin Treatment. The unique deep cleansing formula not only clarifies hair deeply and removes residual build-up, but also opens hair cuticle to prepare the best hair environment for Keratin...
Kerafill Keratin Treatment 2
Kerafill Keratin Treatment 2 is a revolutionary hair reconstructor and volume reducing treatment that eliminates kinky and frizzy hair textures, leaving hair straight, healthy and shiny.
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