Umate IPL T006 Home Pulsed Light Hair Removal Laser Device

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  • Specifications

    • Brand: Umate
    • Model: T-006
    • T u: intense pulsed light
    • Power: 36 W
    • Application: bikini zone, face, legs
    • Five power modes
    • 300,000 flashes
    • Country of origin: China
    • Epilation can be nice Without irritations and cuts.
    • Photoepilator Umate Home Pulsed Light T-006 creates a powerful beam of concentrated light that destroys the hair follicles and eliminates unwanted body hair. 
    • As a result, the hair simply stops growing.
    • What are the advantages of Umate Home Pulsed Light T-006.
    1. Great resource : The resource of the device is designed for 300,000 flashes, the stock of which should be enough for 15 years of using the device.
    2. Additional photocell: Included is a replaceable lamp, the use of which will extend the service life of the device.
    3. Network operation: The process of hair removal will be continuous, no need to wait for the battery to charge.
    4. Power control: It is possible to select the flash output for different areas of the body and face.
    5. Affordable price: The cost of similar photoepilators of this level is 3-5 times higher .
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Umate IPL T006 Home Pulsed Light Hair Removal Laser Device
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